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Just kidding

That last blog here was totes jokes.

I just said "totes jokes." I think I've regressed to being 14.

I do blog occassionally at Wordpress, but it's not the same as it used to be here where it felt like a community. Here has changed, though, too. I blame Facebook, I guess. People go there to be social or something.

I'm not all that social, so I just throw words up on Twitter.

I hope you all are doing well.

Time to go play Candy Crush.

(I actually don't like Candy Crush... Pepper Panic is where it's at.)

Next stop: checking in at The Fuselage.

Livejournal abandonment


As you may (or may not) have noticed, I don't blog here much.

But I have moved this blog over to Wordpress at http://brermatt.wordpress.com.

I've also started two other blogs there in memory of my grandparents.
http://hoskinsfamilyrecipes.wordpress.com is to capture recipes that my grandmother shared with us before she died.
http://claudesstory.wordpress.com is a glimpse into my grandfather's life in his own words.

I'd love to have you read my blogs there!

And I do still read Livejournal, even if I don't post! I'm on Twitter more than anything these days, though.

Hugs to you all.
Sadly, a lot of kids don't.

Things that we take for granted, like pencils and paper and crayons just aren't available to every kid. And often, low-paid teachers pay for supplies out of their own pocket.

But you can help! A Gift for Teaching is an organization that redistributes school supplies to students and teachers in need! They're in the middle of a big back to school campaign. If you can donate anything, it will help. Through their partnerships, they can turn even one dollar into ten dollars worth of school supplies.

You can find more information at A Gift For Teaching or you can donate through my badge: http://www.networkforgood.org/PCA/Badge.swf?BadgeId=114099

Translation Party fun with Twilight

Below is some found poetry I created from http://translationparty.com using quotes from the book Twilight:

He killed my true love.
That must count for something.
If necessary, the dream of a rational life,
it is the last monument.

My pain was working to block unwanted memories.
Nice smile, his true windows, sheet of rain,
To enjoy the tears of relief, please see below.
My strange, I have the rest of the world,
please see the following meanings.

In my head, I think.

Also, if you are lying down, you can do this.
Devastatingly, in all, he sees a beautiful person.
I felt a wave of sympathy and relief.
However, in the worst case,
you can accept the beauty of the outside world.
Relief, the most interesting,
please make sure the only reason for me.
He is, of course.

Time is the charm.
He is a Sunday.
Inou Meguro knew him. Black coal.
My biggest regret is peeked.
Meguro: He is my disgust.
I often have Inou.
His chair, I must be able to reduce
The sudden death of the search phrase flinched.

At this point, my hair,
I raise my arm to feel the thrill of the real.
The first two, only one, I chilled freezing wind.
However, to our eyes, I bluntly,
I do not meet the requirements of his last check.
He has complained of strange-shaped spreading.

I'm planning. Please do not worry.

Similarly, happy, I'm here.
goloptious wrote:
Hey, You!

How the heck are ya?

I'm fine. How are you?

stufsocker wrote:

Does Twitter link to LJ in such a way that your Tweets can be displayable? I'm trying to avoid becoming a twit.

There are applications that do that. They'd sum up the day/week tweets into a single LJ post. I think I'm redundant enough with Twitter updating Facebook.

How was the flight home?

It was okay. I didn't sleep though. :(

Was youlr Cali time productive?

More or less. My stuff was quite productive, but the project was delayed until this next week, but I'd already been in CA for 2 weeks and needed to get home, so I didn't extend my trip.

Any plans for this weekend?

I just got home from Cirque du Soliel. I have a cousin in town, so I will see him in the morning. Then a volunteer picnic for A Gift For Teaching. Then see my parents and stuff. And do laundry and clean house and pay bills, etc.

Hello, Livejournal. It's been a while...

I just want to say hello to those of you who have been waiting for me to post on LJ. I haven't done it recently. It's a lot easier to blog in 140 characters. I don't know that I have anything to say here that most of you don't already know.

So, I'll take questions. Please leave any questions below, and I will do my best to answer them at some point in the near future.

Have a nice day.



Support A Gift for Teaching! It's a wonderful organization!


Project for Awesome 2008

Today, December 17th is Project for Awesome Day.

Basically, we're taking over YouTube by posting videos about charities to encourage people to get involved and donate or volunteer, or just spread awareness.

My video is here:
(please rate and comment!!)

More information can be found here:
Project for Awesome

or here:
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